We’re just a big, happy family

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Cheap Jerseys china Added Kyle: «I rely on him a lot. I pick him up and he picks me up. We’re just a big, happy family. When you’re cast to play a public figure as widely videotaped, personified, and parodied as Richard Nixon, it’s a challenge to forge your own path. The precedents are voluminous: Anthony Hopkins’ pudgy faced, occasionally British version from Oliver Stone’s Nixon; Frank Langella’s stentorian, deep throated take in Frost/Nixon’s Broadway and cinematic incarnations; the real life perspirer from those black and white debates with JFK; and the wattled paranoiac of his waning political career. Jellison, in his fresh, charismatic perspective in Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s version of Frost/Nixon, traversed a 40 year history of mimicry and caricature and emerged with something that looked and felt as authentic as the Nixon Tapes sounded Cheap Jerseys china.